Skylar was formed in 2003 as a full service media and  television broadcast service agency, and has been advocating for media excellence ever since. We try to dictate new standards as well as raise the current standard of the production machine within the industry by thinking outside the box and awarding innovative explorations in the course of bringing wholesome entertainment packages to the public.  Skylar’s desire is to produce high quality productions that are wholesome in content as well as entertaining while endorsing edification in the film and television community as we strive to foster our collective commitment to integrity. Skylar plans to develop and produce successful theatrical motion pictures by using our talents of creativity, production, financial management, promoting and networking. Our founding partners are products of both African and American urban communities with executive backgrounds in education, financing, international business, Television Production and marketing.


Mission Statement
The mission of Skylar Pictures LLC is to create and produce quality short films, feature films and Television content which convey a social message while entertaining the audience. Skylar Pictures LLC, is committed to creating memorable movies that will last generations and have life all the way to DVD and Cable viewing. We will do so by using our connections with talented artists, actors, directors, and production crews while at the same time attracting new talented individuals in the motion picture industry.