We produce, support and promote high quality, culturally diverse and morally enlightening productions that speak to a global audience, transcending all borders and serve as a window to the world.
Responsibilities of Skylar Pictures LLC
• Initiate the idea for a film or television production
• Obtain the rights to a script, if necessary and develop script with outside writers
• Find financial backing for the venture
• Hire key staff including directors, writers and production crew
• Oversee budgets, schedules and plans
• Co-ordinate the production off and on the set or stage
• Oversee the completion of all post-production
• Promote film and television productions via diverse publicity avenues
• Negotiate with distributors and broadcasters
• Ensure investment returns to investors
• Distribute residual payments to artists
Skylar will produce film and television productions across varying genres: comedy, drama (including period pieces), thriller and suspense.  The company also produces high level documentaries as well as docu-dramas. The key theme that will connect our projects will be our ability to generate discussions and raise consciousness through our film and television productions. Each project that we produce will be thought provoking and entertaining. The quality of our productions will come from our ability to organize a talented cast and crew.
Target Audience
Our targeted audience will vary depending upon the film or television production that are produced. Our animated productions will be geared toward our family audiences. Our comedic productions will target audiences ages 13 and up. Our drama and suspense productions will be appropriate for audiences 13 and older. Skylar’s productions will address social struggles, love and loss, triumph and tragedy, hope and despair, betrayal and loyalty. These stories will be appealing and relatable across ethnicities.