Doorways Poster

After surviving an abusive relationship, Tanya Marks trades in her singing voice for a mop and vacuum cleaner in order to care for her 8-year-old son. One night, fate stumbles across her path, placing her life on a course to square off with destiny.


Diahnna Nicole Baxter

Elimu Nelson

Matisha Baldwin

Official Selection
Pan African Film Festival 2012
Texas Black Film Festival 2012
Action on International Film Festival
Epidemic Film Festival 2011
Urban Suburban Film Festival 2012
65th Festival de Cannes Court Metrage Short Film Corner

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Two friends (Liah and Alex) fall deeply in love after Alex rescues Liah from an abusive relationship. The couple grows closer each day, spending birthdays and holidays together, but problems arise when ex-boyfriend (Jason) tries to push himself back in the picture. A fight between the two men results with Jason being thrown in jail and Alex in critical condition. Upon learning the news Liah rushes to the hospital in hopes that her presence might bring him back to her. on her way she re-lives their times together, focusing on the night that they danced in the moonlight.

Sonia Balcazar
Michael Wilburn
Philippe Debaty